About Polylaminate

Polylux polylaminate capsules are made from our exclusive polylux material that gives a rich and elegant look to your bottle. Why might polylaminate capsules be the right choice for you? Polylaminate wine capsules provide an elegant finish to the packaging of your bottle and can be made in custom colors, sizes and prints.  Whether you want a standard Enocapsule color or a unique custom color for your brand, our polylaminate capsules can meet your needs.

Even if you select a standard Enocapsule color for your polylaminate capsules, you can choose to have the top disc of the polylam capsule with grape embossment or plain.

If you are looking to give your brand an elevated luxurious look: our Polylux Polylaminate (polylam) capsules are right for you.

These polylaminate wine capsules are rolled down onto the neck of the bottle with rollers.

Polylux Polylaminate (polylam) capsules can be used for a variety of products such as:

  • Wine bottles,
  • Ice Wine Bottles,
  • Liquor Bottles and more!