Manufactured in Quebec, for Quebec Wines.


Enocapsule is a company proudly founded in Quebec and manufactures its capsules in Quebec, Canada. We could not be more proud to offer to our fellow Quebecquers our Vin du Quebec capsules in 7 standard colors. If you would like a custom color, not a problem, kindly contact The Vin du Quebec logo is a symbol of the quality & passion that goes into our Quebec wines, let us continue to share this beauty with the world.

  • Standard Sizes Available: 30 x 60mm, Cork or ROPP finish

  • Top Disc Options: Eno standard gold top disc (plain top disc or dry embossed grapes) or Match top disc to color of skirt (plain match to skirt or dry embossed grapes)

  • Tear tab: Gold

  • For minimums contact: